Best Beard Styles For Men’s In 2021

Best Beard Styles For Men’s In 2021

Best Beard Styles For Men’s In 2021

Best Beard Styles For Men's In 2021

Hi guys and welcome back to my website ‘’ so  Best Beard Styles For Men’s In 2021,  in this blog, I wanted to talk to you guys about men’s beard style….


When it involves beards, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes a short beard style is a way to go. Some people might tell you that size matters, but we don’t invest that. Grow the beard that creates you are feeling confident—even if it’s just stubble.
Here are our favorite short beard styles for 2021.


A dark-haired man with a scruffy beard.
The scruffy beard may be a slightly longer variation of the 5 o’clock shadow. It adds a touch of grit to your look. It doesn’t matter if your beard is patchy or if it comes in extremely thick, scruff may be a style anyone can wear.

To get the scruffy beard, let your hair grow for 2 to four weeks. At around three weeks, you would possibly get to trim your neckline if your scruff starts making its way down towards Adam’s apple. Otherwise, you run the danger of being mislabeled a neckbeard.

The scruffy beard is notoriously itchy. Grab a conditioning product like Utility Balm to stay the hair soft and therefore the skin hydrated; this may help relieve the itch.


the bald man with a blonde short rounded beard.
A variation of the company beard, a rounded beard may be a perfect short beard option for men with round, square, or diamond-shaped faces, because it follows the natural curve of the face without adding an excessive amount of additional bulk on the cheeks. For men with broader face shapes, an excessive amount of length on the cheeks can have a chipmunk effect. to urge the short rounded beard, let your beard grow for one to 2 months, and keep everything at a consistent length.


Brown-haired man with a Hollywoodian beard posing ahead of a yellow backdrop
The Hollywoodian draws attention faraway from the cheeks and towards the jaw and chin. The cheek lines lower, helping create a more prominent jawline. take care to not trim the neckline too high, or you’ll start creeping into chinstrap territory—which isn’t where you would like to be unless you’re an early 2000’s era rapper.


The Hollywoodian gets its name from Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale, who have both sported this similar low cheek line look. Some sources will tell you that a Hollywoodian beard doesn’t hook up with the sideburns, but we expect you ought to let it connect if you’ll. This style isn’t just reserved for actors either. Lebron James has also sported the Hollywood chinstrap once in a while.

The Hollywoodian may be a good option for men who have trouble filling the cheek and sideburns on their beards, or who just want to feature a touch more length and dimension to their jawline.


headshot of Greg Berzinsky with a silver Verdi beard and handlebar mustache
Named after 19th-century Italian composer Verdi, this classic style gives off a distinguished appearance. The handles of the mustache are waxed and hang over the highest of the beard during a loose curl. Some men prefer to keep the mustache smaller and break away the beard.

To get the Verdi, you’ll need about four to eight months of beard growth, and possibly longer for the mustache to succeed in handlebar length. Keep a naturally rounded shape on the board. We recommend investing in a good pair of Beard Trimming Scissors to take care of the beard and mustache, also as a Round Brush to assist with styling.

  • Long Beard Styles


Black and white headshot photo of an older man with an extended spade-shaped beard
As your beard moves from power beard into the four to six-inch range, you’ll begin trimming the rock bottom of the beard into more defined shapes.

We dig the shovel look of a spade-shaped beard, and that we love that it creates an outlined silhouette of a chiseled jawline—and who doesn’t want that? Trimming your beard to a spade shape on your own is not an easy feat.


Man with a wavy white power beard and handlebar mustache
Okay, therefore the power beard isn’t technically an extended beard by our six-inch rule, but it didn’t seem right to place it within the short beards category. because the name implies, power beards mean business. It’s a badass beard style that completely toes the road between rugged and contemporary.

Power beards, also referred to as natural beards, are between four and 6 inches long. It’s at this length that your beard’s personality starts to point out. Some are going to be straight, some are going to be wavy, and a few are going to be curly. Learning advanced beard styling techniques is crucial. Fortunately, we wrote a blog teaching you ways to shape your beard into magnificence.


Eric Bandholz proudly displaying his Bandholz beard
You may have noticed a facial hairdo called the Bandholz on the CDC graphic titled facial hairstyles and filtering facepiece respirators that we posted at the highest of the blog, and you’ll be wondering what a Bandholz beard is? While some think it’s just a funny name for a Brooklyn hipster beard, it’s actually named after Beardbrand founder, Eric Bandholz.

Deep down, the Bandholz beard is simply a yeard left to grow naturally with no trimming or shaping. Remember, everyone’s beard grows differently, so you’ll attempt to replicate the Bandholz beard, but it won’t ever be exact.

So, how does one get a beard style named after you anyway?

Like this…

He was about eight months into his first year and was competing in his first beard competition. it had been at this event that he first experienced the bearded lifestyle to its fullest.

Shortly after the event, Eric launched Beardbrand as how to unite beardsmen and build a community. Beardbrand started with a blog, a YouTube channel, and a Tumblr to share knowledge and supply style inspiration. Eric also wanted to finish the negative stereotypes about beardsmen being lazy or unkempt and help beardsmen feel more confident in wearing facial hair within the office, at home, and around their friends.

Since 2012, Beardbrand has helped shift the general public perception of beards while growing into one of the world’s most recognized men’s grooming companies. within the process, Bandholz’s beard has become one of the foremost recognized beards on the web and beyond.

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Best Beard Styles For Men’s In 2021

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Best Beard Styles For Men’s In 2021

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